Firstly, Telemarketing is a definition often confused with Telesales. Let’s clear that up first.

  • Telemarketing is the art of inviting new customers to review your products or services using four common terms: outbound calls, inbound calls, lead generation or cold calls.

Being prepared for customers questions is the key to all four terms no matter if you call them or they call you.

Ideally, the new customer will be qualified on the call as showing signs of interest that will lead to an appointment or order.

  • Telesales is the art of looking after existing customers and ensuring they continue to buy your products or services on a regular basis.

Generally, this role is referred to as a customer service position and conjures a bank of people working in a call centre style operation.

The telesales operator will actively update the customer records keeping it accurate for promotional materials to be sent out.

Secondly, every relationship must start somewhere so why not a telephone call?

Calling new customers on the telephone is an opportunity to create the best first impression of your company. It takes only 7 seconds to blow it.

Be sure that the company you are looking to work with matches your ideal customer avatar. Knowing that what you have to offer is needed makes the first conversation much simpler.

Calling the main switchboard number allows you to identify the right person within the company responsible for buying what you have to offer.

How you phrase your question to the person answering the phone will create an impression. In the main, receptionists are very good at protecting their team from unwanted or unsolicited cold calls.

It is important to treat this person with the greatest of respect as they are likely to answer your next call and remember the impression you left on them. I really dislike the term Gatekeeper. Building a great rapport with this person will enhance the relationship with the person in their team too. They are a great help to anyone introducing themselves and they can often steer how they like new approaches to be made.

The most important fact around telemarketing is that it provides an interactive and personal opportunity to build relationships with your potential customers.

By asking informed and open questions the whole experience can be very rewarding and help you grow your business.