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This blog post is brought to you by guest author Chris Perfect, of The Perfect Image

Recently, Wendy asked photographer Chris Perfect, “What does making conversations count mean to you?”.


Working in a visual industry, Chris goes into his take on having conversations without words.


How do you get across your message without talking?


We hope you find this take on visual conversations insightful, coming from a different industry perspective than our own.


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What Conversations Are Your Pictures Having? 

Here at the Perfect Image, we get to “make conversations count”, but we have to do it without words. We have to understand what the photography is saying to customers and clients, and we have to create imagery that’s saying exactly the things we want.


We’re always looking to provide clients with visuals that help them stand out from their competitors, add value to their brand, and more importantly, help them to generate more sales.


Coming from a graphic design background has given us the edge over many of our competitors as it’s provided us with a core understanding of branding, semantics, styles, as well as what works and what doesn’t.


The brief is always at the heart of what we create, delivering exactly what’s required to suit the brand and the market, making sure it’s all finished on time and within budget.


Great visuals are, not only part of the conversation, but they help you to gain attention in order to have that conversation.


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Working with the right clients who are open to input and ideas, we can create hero shots, thumb-stoppers, and visuals that hook you in and make you want to know more. Images that raise awareness of your brand and put it at the forefront within a customer’s mind, rendering you memorable and appealing.


Good images can work in a split second, which in today’s world of extremely short attention spans, makes them more valuable than ever.  Conversely, not investing in your photography can have a very negative effect on your business.


Even if it’s only subconsciously, a customer may be drawn to a competitor’s site to make their purchase as they look more official or more trustworthy. You could even be selling the exact same item at a cheaper price, but the higher-quality imagery on a competitor’s site has reassured them that it’s a more reputable and serious company to be trusted with their valuable card details.


We’ve built an impressive client list through our approach over the last 12 years.  Award-winning agencies across the country have commissioned us for projects, and we’re proud to have worked for names such as Boots, British American Tobacco, Johnson’s Baby, Pizza Express, Co-Op and the BBC’s The Apprentice.  We’ve also enjoyed working more locally with well-known names like Scarsdale vets, Scargill Mann and Derby Brewing Company.

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We appreciate that when people are just starting out with a new venture, they can be on extremely tight budgets, and we’ve been able to work in steady, staged, affordable steps that have helped them to invest as they grow along with their photographic requirements.

That way, they’re able to look great from the start and maximise that new business potential.


Good or bad, and whether you know it or not, your images are creating conversations with people.  Make sure they are the right conversations and make your conversations count.


If you’d like to discuss any projects or requirements with us, get in touch.

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