We have moved! New address details below.

WAG Associates is now rebranded under Making Conversations Count Ltd and we have moved from Yoxall, Staffordshire to Trabboch, Ayrshire.

After 21 years living happily in the sleepy village that is Yoxall, it is time for pastures anew and we have moved.

Please forward all enquiries to Wendy Harris for training or the podcast:

The whole Harris family have relocated to Ayrshire and our new address details: High Hollow, Trabboch, Mauchline KA5 5HX

The email address wendy@wagassociates.com will continue to operate.

Wendy’s mobile number 07977995654 is historic and will not change, only the postal address will be different in communications.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Stay curious and speak soon,


We have moved
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