Wendy Harris created these Video tips and loved answering these commonly asked questions on Telemarketing

A short series of video tips on how to sell over the phone by following the Making Conversations Count 4R Formula.

Our telemarketing experience has given us the expert insight on how to create business opportunities by picking up the phone.

When a conversation starts well, it’s much easier to carry on the conversation.

What you will see in these video tips:

  • Why one telephone call per day will make the difference

  • Worrying about what you have to say

  • How to keep a track on activities*

  • When a conversation doesn’t stay on ‘script’

  • Putting the customer fist through personality

  • Who do you need to speak to


Find out more on the 4R Formula through the PowerUp and Team Training pages.

For more useful information on how telemarketing can to be effective for qualifying new business, supporting customer service and account management please see our free downloads section

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Don’t just take our word for it that picking up the phone works, there’s lots more interesting conversations with business leaders and Wendy Harris for you to listen to on our Making Conversations Count Podcast show.

Listening to podcasts is a great way to learn from experts and Wendy Harris shows how her 30+ years in communication has been honed to not only know what to say but how to listen effectively.

Every episode has a transcript attached to it for those who prefer to read and we are also sharing them in the weekly newsletter and as articles on LinkedIn.

*We use Nimble and are able to offer a FREE 14 day trial and support for implementation

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