Why making a connection during conversations can create instantly loyal customers


Connect to people on the phone. 

It comes as little surprise to any of us that when you have a clear passion for what you do that energy is translated into the contact and connection you have with others around you.

From the perspective of starting conversations with strangers having empathy is a top priority and if that can be laced with passion you have a winning combination.

If you’re flagging with this it’s either time to fall back in love with some help or time to try something new. Let’s grab a chat and we’ll find discover in a few minutes which it is together.

Anyway, I digress. Empathy in listening.

Starting conversations with strangers is hard work and does draw energy. When you have a passion for something you are drawing on energy. When you have empathy with the subject matter and the person you’re using less energy even when it feels like you are. This energy is in fact topping you up.

Why do I say this? Well, after many many years (old crone lady that I am now!) I can safely say this from my own experience.

When I have not really connected with the product or service it is even harder to apply persuasive methods in conversation.

When there has been a passion for a product or service it has been the enthusiasm and energy that has carried the conversation.

Where there is a passion and an empathy combined that conversation takes on a lifeforce of it’s own. It comes from a source of personal understanding. The motivator is to help someone who is in a place where you have been to move forward successfully.

Now you can feel the difference, right?

Being a promoter of ‘Making Conversations Count’ means being that ambassador in every walk of life. When you have this connection with what you do I truly believe it’s unstoppable.

What do you think?


My “Making Conversations Count” series takes on many forms, but the message is clear across all forms: If you can learn how to speak to people in a human & empathetic manner, your business will be guaranteed to benefit and you will build an army of loyal customers. 



I love hearing about people’s stories so much that in 2020 I set up a Podcast titled “Making Conversations Count”, where I invite business leaders from all industries on to share their pivotal moments.

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At the end of 2020, I also released a Book Titled “Making Conversations Count – How to sell over the phone”. This acts as a Training Handbook, sharing a vault of knowledge I have learnt over my many years of experience.

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