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TOP-RATED Telemarketing Telephone Training for Teams to Win More Business with Wendy Harris

Making Great First Impressions, Starting Impactful Conversations & Growing Lasting Relationships By Using The Phone Will Grow Your Business

Telemarketing 4R Formula

Expert Telemarketing Training, Ideal for…
​creating and building your sales team culture across your business to make conversations count.

Blending all the traditional telephone techniques with technology focused communications, rapidly grow your business with laser focused conversations.


When you have your own sales team you may want to upskill team members, re-focus them or introduce new ways of working, this course is the perfect option.

Covering everything that the Power up session does, we work together with the team first on a group coaching session following the 4R Formula.

We ensure your online presence is represented professionally and consistently across the board, eg on LinkedIn, and everyone has the same approach to online conversations.

Next we dedicate a session to each member of the team to build on what they have implemented online and translate it into conversations in the real world with customers.

Clients often wish for calls to be listened back to with agents to offer feedback and areas for improvement. A simple yet effective score sheet can be followed to create reports that will over time track progress in five key areas of holding an effective conversation.

Wendy Harris has been successfully training sales teams in telephone techniques for three decades and has many recommendations on LinkedIn plus case studies and testimonials, a reputation as a sales trainer for delivering what is needed as well as what is requested.

Whether you need to refresh your teams motivation, implement the latest tactics from the current climate, change your sales culture, or you need a mentor for a newly promoted manager, this package will be just what you need.

Her programmes are energising, engaging and fun that will leave your team ready to hit the phones and get results for your business. More conversations means more sales.

Working with Wendy means you gain a bespoke course and it gives you exactly the right support package. Delivered online until it is safe to return to facilitating on your premises.

Whether you want your people to make appointments with qualified leads, follow up after trade exhibitions or connect with former clients, she can tailor the content to your needs and the size of your team.

You will also cover database cleansing, mystery shopping of competitors and finding the right decision maker for your direct mail campaign.

Clients have worked with Wendy for diverse projects including planning new sales and marketing campaigns, recruiting and inducting new in house staff or implementing major changes to sales processes.

Contact us to discuss your needs and let us put together a plan for you.

Clients use this package to:

* Review their whole Sales & Marketing strategy
* Instill or reinforce a sales culture
* Upskill & refocus their team
* Build individual campaigns
* Implement change
* Manage bespoke projects
* Connect with customers
* Follow up hot leads
* Promote new products or services to clients
* Find decision makers and clean databases
* Harness the power of LinkedIn

We recommend One Day for Intermediate or Refresher Telemarketing Training

Two Days for Advanced or Larger Teams for Telemarketing Training

The “Making Conversations Count” programme requires an exploratory conversation via phone, zoom or face to face where logistically possible.

Our experience tells us that every client has their own set of needs and our programmes are designed to cater for this.

Whether it’s confidence or a lack of motivation we can get your team back on track and happy talking to your customers again online and in real life.

*Terms & Conditions – Training is based on time spent with candidates attending. We can accommodate larger numbers in the initial learning session through Webinar and offer 121 follow up sessions for full implementation.
​Full terms of engagement are available upon request from
Call 01543472872 to discuss your requirements.

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