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Take the Lead in Conversation Part 4 Effective Introductions

Hello…how do you know you’ve made effective introductions?

Welcome back to Edition 4 of Take the Lead – Today we’re talking about Effective Introductions.

“I was born a man in a woman’s body.”

What?! Am I serious? 🧐 Deadly but more on that headline shortly because first…

Thank you for stopping by to read my insights into the world of conversation and how to make every single one count.

In this edition I promised to share how to make effective introductions. As always, my focus is looking at having conversations over the telephone however we may touch on those increasingly sneaky online comments.

Since I knew I would be writing this post I have been keeping my eyes peeled to see what grabs my attention online that would urge me to start a conversation. In fact, I’ve added a blog to my website from one such scroll stopper. It’s called Free Lead Generation and I’d love your feedback. You can read it here:

Anyway, there was one post in particular that made me wish I had a famous Auntie.

Why is that. Wendy?

Well, last year I won an award and the prize was to ask a few questions of a well known influencer who gave up their time to mentor the winners. Four of us on a zoom call a tad nervous as to how it would go. Partly because it was a household brand and the press were there.

I don’t know why I was nervous because I have learned a lot about myself since which I already knew but got carried away with the moment. Hindsight, eh?

I was set with my pre-prepared three questions.

First off was “Will you be my guest on my podcast?”

I figured if I didn’t ask on the offset I may miss my chance and it would be a mistake to pass up the opportunity.

Blow me, They said “Yes, I will”.

Now that was several months ago and I’ve checked in repeatedly awaiting a confirmed date in the diary. I still believe it will happen.

However, from that prized session, the key information was to build a community. Above all else this was the most important component to our success. Hold that thought…

This week I saw that same influential person posting about being asked to record something following an interview they had given. They were at a ladies house [the famous Auntie] and her niece was there and had the same tenacity to ask them for some time for their podcast.

Interview given. There and then. Done and dusted.

Why am I telling you all this?

Well, it reminded me of how to get someone’s attention and the mistake I made in this instance.

There are times when you have to bite the bullet.

Ask. I did.

No response is not a No.

It would be good to know though, right?

When it comes to starting conversations you do have to be memorable, genuine and authentic.

Don’t fall into the trap of using headlines like I did at the top of this newsletter for effect, to prove a point, especially if it’s not true.

You’ll not get brownie points for that!

A reminder of the headline:

“I was born a man in a woman’s body.”

This was true. Or so I believed. Family, friends, colleagues and bosses would say to me “You should’ve been a man!”

Obviously I am not talking about the physiological sense more an attitude to stuff. Like getting on in life. Comments like these compounded my behaviour.

One piece of my personality makeup that was wrapped up and influenced by others at an impressionable age.

Of course it’s not true.

But here’s where we can make the mistake (and it creeps into our conversations old and new).

My truth was not in alignment with who I am, all those years ago starting out playing the masculine part nor when I asked this well known person to be on my podcast.

You see my first impression let me down. I know it did.

Carried away with the moment translated to them as ‘Come on my show and your success will rub off on me’.

I’d be lying if that thought hadn’t happened. But it was quickly brushed away by questions like:

“I didn’t go to school much and have heard your stories about doing the same. What would you advice be to your younger self now?”


“Is there one fear from your past that holds you down from being you now?”


“What’s next for you?”

You see my inner alignment wasn’t shining.

So that community nugget I asked you to hold on to?

This person has tons of comments on each and every post they publish across all platforms because of who they are yet rarely do they respond and if they do it’s usually emoji’s. Which doesn’t ring true to community being everything, does it?

Well, for me, I already knew it. I had begun long ago on that road and continue to value each and every person that comes into my life on all levels.

I will always be the person that replies to every comment. Forever.

Which brings me to a business conversation I had with a recent podcast guest.

Joining me Making Conversations about Education Count, was Professor Kevin Singh. He’s the Head of Architecture School at Manchester Metropolitan & University of Manchester, He’s founder of Space and has a Bistro bar in Brum.

A very busy chap who has to lead and manage thousands of people. So we got chatting about what it takes to be such a leader and the opportunities it has unveiled. Plus:
Kevin’s values around ‘taking responsibility’ and comparison The real continuing value of education
The impact architecture (and solid educational leadership) can make! Kevin’s pivotal conversation

Here’s the point.

In life and business, on the phone or online, it can be hard to get people’s attention. We each and every one of us need to follow Kevin’s advice in taking responsibility for ourselves. My take is to Be in full alignment with the True You and the rest will Shine through.

Remember, you never know where a conversation will lead…so, it’s up to you to take the lead.

Speak soon,



…Pop back soon for part five of Take the Lead – Do You Sound the Same in Real Life?

Do you sound the same in real life?

Most people speak differently to how they write. This translates to the impression you’re giving. We’ll be talking more on how to be You everywhere you leave a footprint.

Plus, how the King of Content, Joe Pulizzi uses his online presence to drive customers.


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