Growing pains

Take the Lead in Conversation Part 3

Hello…is this your wake up call?! Welcome back to Take the Lead.

In this edition I promised to expand on business growing pains. This is from the point of view of having conversations. How to keep track, how many you need to have to be sure it’s not painful.

We are told by the ‘guru’s that you can run a business from your mobile phone.

That’s true.

But again, only to a point.

There’ll be activities that you need to stay on top of and share with other people in different departmental roles like accounts or suppliers.

When you get to the stage where two or more people are working alongside the same departmental activity it becomes, well, tricky.

In this instance we’re going to put the spotlight on growing your customer base.

A few questions to start with:

How many new customers do you need? Is that weekly, monthly, quarterly. You decide – it’s your business.

Do you know how many conversations you need to have before you get a yes? This is your conversion rate.

It’s covered in the very first part of my book, Making Conversations Count: How to Sell over the Phone simply because that’s how you’re going to know how much activity you need to be doing.

Think about it.

If you need to sell 100 ‘somethings’ and it will take you 1000 ‘conversations’ to get that every month you need to divide 1000 by 20, the average days in a month.

That will be 50 conversations per day without fail.

Will you have the time to do that and do it well?

Or will you need help?

And I’m not talking about someone else doing the conversations for you either.

You are the best person for that role when you have started out. You know the answers to every question you’ll be asked. If you don’t you can decide on the spot.

Gut instinct will tell you how to proceed.

Get the help with technology and processes first.

Once you’ve got that nailed, there’ll be other tasks that are not as glamorous that you can outsource.

Those people become your team.

So, I’ll ask you again. How many new clients do you need? And, how much time do you need to dedicate to making it happen?

These are the first questions I get to understand when working with my clients and I am happy to help you too…

A recent business conversation on the podcast, with James Guilford. A leadership strategist who can say he’s worked with a bunch of clowns.

Jay, is currently working with Fortune 500 clients and bringing fun into his leadership programmes.

An engaged person is way more productive and creative than someone who’s disconnected. We can all agree on that point.

There’s some deep thinking in this conversation, I’d encourage you to click and listen. Please forgive my audio quality, I have no clue what happened but can only offer – I’m human.

You’ll hear:

Jay’s job: telling leaders to ‘calm down’
Be your authentic self
Listen!! And everyone lies!
Communicate like they’re a seven-year-old
Everything is going well – even when it feels like chaos

The show has been getting some attention over on Goodpods, it’s so cool when you receive a notification that you’ve made not 1 but 3 charts.

The ‘How to’ is my mission. Bringing interesting people who share their knowledge.

Please share this with your colleagues and anyone you feel needs it. Better still give them a call and tell them about it.

Remember, you never know where a conversation will lead…so, take the lead.

Speak soon,

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