What is the 4R Formula?

Take the Lead in Conversation Part 2

Hello again! Welcome back to Take the Lead.

In this edition, if you read last week, I promised to explain my 4R formula so you can compare how you currently approach your marketing calls.

Now this is not to say my way is the best way or the only way, I’m a big fan of encouraging people to do what works best for them.

After a very long time of me doing this, I’m simply sharing what I’ve observed has worked as a framework to staying on track.

People I’ve worked with have found it helpful because there’s no telling how a conversation will unfold especially when you are determined to not feel sales-ey or scripted.

The 4R Formula

When done correctly, you only ever need to concentrate on one at a time. Step by step. They’re my building blocks:

Right People Right Reason Right Timing * Right Results

Right People
Sounds like common sense doesn’t it? Speaking to the right person means you’re going to make sense to them. You can have a two way conversation because it will be of interest to them.

Researching the companies you want to work with and the people that work there is easy. You’re already on the best platform in the world for doing this right now!

Right Reason
If you’ve not got a compelling enough reason to call a stranger you’re on the back foot already. This is where most people struggle.

Having 7 seconds to make a great first impression adds to the pressure we feel when starting a conversation.

What are you going to say when filling in the blank here?

The reason I’m calling is _

Right Timing
The statistics tell us that 97% of our customers are not ready to buy the moment we reach out to them. Can you imagine reaching the 3% exactly when they need you?

Positioning yourself as open and experienced means you’ve more chance of finding out when the timing for a purchasing decision will be made and gaining agreement to stay in touch.

Right Results
Staying in touch is going to be paramount in 1. keeping your promise 2. being in the running against the competition

Starting a conversation in the right way and following up at the right time, for the right reason doesn’t always mean you’re guaranteed the results.

This is where additional marketing strategies come into play and where I have seen the emphasis being made above the conversations.

Yes, add them to your email marketing list so long as the content is appropriate.

Definitely connect with them on social platforms where content is going to keep you top of mind.

BUT please don’t neglect the conversation.

ASK if they are happy to stay in touch by telephone.
ASK how they normally work if you can’t reach them by phone.
ASK should we email as a last resort?

Have you noticed that these 4R’s all put the customer first? That’s a big clue in how to make your conversations count every single time.

Let’s just swing back to Timing. because our online conversations also matter when 97% are not looking to buy today and you still need to capture 3% actively looking.

Well, in a recent podcast conversation, with Michael Buzinski, we get talking about how to get your website holding the conversations for you. This builds on nicely following our conversation with Marcus Sheridan about answering as many questions as possible. 

Michael talks about ‘The Rule of 26’ and how focusing on 3 steps you can double your revenue. Now, if you’re like me, and run your own business as a solopreneur, you’re probably thinking it’s going to come with a big price tag.

Well, it doesn’t have to for you to see the analytics swing in your favour before you feel the benefit. In fact, I read Michael’s book and took up the offer and am on my way to fixing something I have no clue how to do but now understand the fundamentals of why it should be done. you’re reading the evidence right here following this influence!

Sometimes, we need to know the why not the how. That’s what makes us all unique and brilliant at what we do. Don’t let anything stop you when there’s plenty of people out there that can help you.

Have a listen and judge for yourself Listen Here & Find Marcus too For those who’re not into listening to podcasts you’ll find the transcript an easy read.

Remember, you never know where a conversation will lead…so, take the lead.

Speak soon,

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