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How do you make your conversations count on social media to connect to your audience?


We asked Lucy to share her insight as a social media coach on how to speak to your dream customers.


Lucy shares some great tips, if you found them useful please let us or Lucy know!


How do you start conversations with your dream customers, how do you make them count?

I’m Lucy, I run 76 Media and I’m a social media coach and Facebook Ads Manager. I work with business owners, training them to use social media effectively as part of their marketing and a big part of what I do is showing them how to get conversations started with their customers.

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That’s the wonderful thing about social media, organic or paid, if you’re doing it well, you’ll find yourself in the middle of amazing conversations about your business. And these conversations will lead to sales.

But, those conversations don’t just start by themselves. They take strategic content planning and an in-depth understanding of your customers needs.

If you’re writing your own blog posts, social media content or e-newsletters how often do you think about the people you’re writing to? About the conversations you could be having with them.

So if you can, stop for a minute and think about them.

These people are your audience, the people who you want to become your customers, who you want to buy from you again & again, then recommend you to their friends.

Would you say that’s your dream customer? Because that’s who you need to be creating your content for.

So if you want to attract your perfect customer you need to focus on them when you’re planning your marketing content. By doing that you’ll create content that resonates with your customers, it shows them you understand and can solve their problems.


Who are your dream customers

How does it work?

You need to think about your audience, who are they? How old are they, what kind of lives do they lead?

Do they have lots of demands on their time, busy with work & family?

Social media, do they love it or hate it?

Are they parents?

How has the pandemic affected them?

Where do they shop & what kinds of things do they buy?


How to connect to your dream customers

Once you’ve built up a picture of your dream customer, sometimes it’s helpful to use an actual customer, think about how you help them. How does your business make their lives easier?

Think about the kind of questions your customers ask you about what you sell. You’ll be able to really understand their problems and how you can solve them. Sometimes you’ll need to consider what they think they want versus what you know from experience that  they actually need.

Now when you’re creating your marketing content make sure it answers these questions.

Keep it simple though, and if it’s social media content you’re creating maybe just one idea per post.

Try focusing on just one person when you write, think about them and write for them. It’s a journalist tip that’s super useful I find.

Here’s how I use this approach in my business –

I train business owners to use social media to market their business, often they come to me saying it feels like no-one is listening to them, like it’s tumble weed out there.  I’ll usually ask about how they use social media, what kind of content are they posting and what time? Do they post and leave or stay and talk to the other businesses they follow, actively searching out potential customers?

There are two huge benefits of asking questions like this

  1. I can understand my clients, what they struggle with when they’re marketing their business on social media.
  2. It helps me tailor my services for them and create marketing content that resonates with them.

I might use my social posts to talk about how to check your Insights to see when your followers are online, so that you can post when they’re online. Or give some advice about being social and talking to people online, explaining why posting and leaving isn’t going to work as a social media strategy.

If you find your marketing is like tumbleweed at the moment, take a step back & try this approach. Because when your content resonates with your audience, you’ll see the difference. It will spark conversations on social media, generating the likes, comments and shares you need to help your community thrive.

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