Start business conversations and never skim over the cracks again

One thing the last couple of years has taught me is that it can take that long to seriously work on and build the ideal brand identity all that goes along with it. Working on how to start business conversations with the right people should always be your starting point.

As a business owner, I appreciate leaning on other experts in their field to support the growth I have set my sights on. Sometimes it’s worked and others not. Where it hasn’t worked has usually been my own pig headedness to not accept the advice. It can be tough opening your business (aka your baby) for others to judge.

One thing I have observed is that even when it’s gone wrong there’s been a lesson to learn – it may take some time for me to allow it to be revealed. But there are always take-aways from business conversations.

Whether it comes in the form of wasting my time listening to advice that isn’t going to be applicable to me in my business. It can be wasting money on training that has been marketed to meet my needs but falls short of what I already know. It’s all a lot of effort. Scouring networks for the right people.

That’s when an old penny dropped with a ringing noise in my head. You’re probably wondering what all this has to do with skimming over the cracks when starting business conversations?

Well, often the best advice we give others we don’t use ourselves. Sound familiar?

Imagine the look on my face when I realized I needed to become my own client!

Fast forward past Covid and my business is ready to help people make great first impressions, start impactful conversations, and build lasting business relationships with a variety of options.

On my journey to build these options, I got a little sidetracked and started different ways to get business conversations going.

I wrote a book for people to read and implement as a low-cost way for people to make immediate changes. It’s been a best seller a few times and had some lovely reviews.

I launched a podcast. Boy, that’s been a wonderful guilty pleasure and distraction. Interviewing business leaders, asking questions that we all want the answers to that usually comes with a price tag. A way to perpetually mentor myself and the loyal listeners the show is proud to have.

My Powerup was born as a quick fix to identify the priorities needed to get re-focused on re-building business coming through the difficult times we’ve experienced recently.

But what this has all led to is the encouragement to create a 12-month subscription programme focusing on helping people to start business conversations. Following on from the feedback from clients who took lots away from their Powerup sessions but feel they needed more, a 12-week intensive (or 90 day depending on how you look at things) step by step, to get it right first time.

So, what can I tell you? I can’t help everyone but what I can do is match an option to give you the very best support. If you’re like me two years ago and could do with someone else’s guidance to point you in the right direction, get in touch.

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