There’s one big observation in this strange year of 2020 that stands out for us as a telemarketing industry.

It may seem obvious what I am about to say, but it’s not the observation, please bear with me.

The figures for zoom users has grown exponentially. A growth of 81% in new zoom subscribers. The figures must be eye watering if you start to add up the other platforms like Teams, Google Meet and Skype to name a few.

As an outbound telephony service our figures must have gone the opposite way with client activity dropping 81%. I couldn’t find any stats to back this up so have measured against our own personal business experience.

So video calls have gone up and voice calls have gone down.

This is obvious to us all, right?

Well, here’s the observation I mentioned earlier:

New business activity didn’t go away – it evolved towards the video connectivity.

But here’s the danger!

With productivity scrutinised with working from home scenarios, targets need to be adjusted to stay in line with the activity we can handle in any given day.

Being locked on back to back video calls means your reach is going to drop dramatically and therefore so should your targets. I think you’ll agree?


Video should not be replacing the telephone activity that is needed in nurturing our new customers!

Here’s why:

Video will allow you to establish and build rapport as close to a face to face meeting as is possible. We all know the video etiquette by now, don’t we?

From this meeting you’ll cover all the points you would in any coffee and chat exploratory meeting. Then you will agree the next actions for each of you to act upon or fulfil before the next steps can be taken and agree when this should be done by.

Following? Good.

Here’s where the telephone should be playing it’s best part and giving you time back in your day.

Agree to call and follow up with each other. Put it in the dairy.

What this will do is give you a much shorter window to exchange information and move the project along.

If you set another video meeting you’re likely to agree a 20 – 30 minute slot. And here’s the rub, you’ll fill that time when it doesn’t warrant it.

Pleasantries are important and can be done over the phone and in quicker time, especially if you’ve built the rapport in the first meeting over video.

What will you do next time? Continue down the road of video for all or use the telephone as the tool that allows you to get more done and continue to nurture your important relationships…

Wendy Harris making conversations count telemarketing training author podcast