What is WAG? And Why Free Resources?

WAG is a no-nonsense sales and marketing consultancy formed in 2005.

Founded by Wendy Gillett, becoming Wendy Harris in 2014 and despite a name change she’s been making conversations count for business since 1988.

Wendy works with Sales & Marketing Directors to bring sales campaigns to life over the phone using telemarketing techniques. She can build on your business knowledge using her experience to create telephone conversations that will bring you new customers.

A combination of online audience engagement, building a pipeline of the right people to speak and picking up the phone is the recipe to successful new business generation. Instilling a follow up process to never miss an opportunity.

Why are we giving you free resources and tips?

We believe that there should be an amount of information available for free on every website. We have lots that we can charge for but these resources are little nuggets of knowledge we are happy to share with you!

On our website, there is a selection of free resources available for you to view and download for free including video tips, downloadable worksheets and interviews to read & listen to. We’re not asking for your email to do so either.

We genuinely believe that if you want to get to the good stuff you’ll subscribe anyway.

There’s so much information out there to choose from we want to show you that we do know what we’re talking about.

Have you checked the Blog page too? 

We are on a mission to bring a new article every month to the website and there is already a lot of interesting posts to read through.

You may want to learn about something specific, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch and we’ll write it just for you.

Free Resources

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Wendy regularly writes a Newsletter over on LinkedIn where she writes about the many different challenges businesses face in lead generation. Gaining trust is always top of mind however there are lots of little details that can be overlooked when in the midst of running a business. Fresh eyes and perspectives help regain clarity and focus on the goals ahead.

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