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Using a CRM system to record your customer conversations

Keeping stuff in your head is all well and good but can be tricky even for one goal, let alone when you try juggling several goals at once. To be Nimble with your customer sales journey is important, and having a system to organise the chaos is essential.

We want to help you to maximise your customer sales journey by recommending our tried and tested techniques.

We understand running a business is complicated. You must be brilliant at what you do PLUS be the marketing department, sales department, customer services department and the accounts department.

Let’s rewind a moment. Accounts follow processes. Customer services have procedures. Sales have specific steps. Marketing has a journey.

For us we believe conversations need to be handled carefully. Making every conversation count by recording, tracking and considering the best outcome.

Over the sixteen years we’ve been advising clients, one topic often comes up too late in conversation, “which database should I use?”

There are many out there to choose from. Software has been developed over the years to allow teams to collaborate and share information across departments to enhance the experience for the customer. Of course, each company has its own unique requirements, too.

It should also be said that although a database is important, it isn’t the be all and end all to running a successful business. To use a database or CRM system effectively, you need to look at the bigger picture first. What is important is figuring out what parts of the data set you do need and why so you can figure out how to drive your data.

A great way to identify this is to map out the actions you take in your business, step by step, every touch point that will encourage customers to buy from you. This is your customer sales journey.

Then you can get down to putting all these best practices into actionable steps that means anyone in the business can follow them.

The Nimble CRM – perfect for recording your customer sales journey

The Nimble CRM is our chosen supplier. After many years of searching and testing other systems, it’s the best one we have found for recording your customer sales journey and keeping on top of everything.

At WAG, we can help build a nimble approach to your customers that will free up your headspace to get on with concentrating on doing a fabulous job by offering a personalised Power Up Session. By getting organized you will continue to build relationships, find opportunities, and reach your goals. 

If setting up these systems and working out how to implement them in your business scares you, book a call with Wendy to get help. 

Plus, it’s handy to be able to work smarter as you can access Nimble from anywhere on PC or Mobile. Connect your social channels, organize your contacts, create tasks for follow-up reminders, send trackable emails. Integrate those other departments like marketing and accounts too.

Ask yourself again, how nimble are you with your customer sales journey? If you need help and are ready to get organized, get your free trial of Nimble now. It will help you download the noise from your brain to allow you to get on with making those conversations count.


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Don’t allow the how get in the way. Claim your 14 day trial of Nimble to see how it can benefit your business. 

Need help deploying the new CRM system and going deeper with your customer sales data? Book a call with Wendy for a tailored approach to your business. 

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