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After three decades of working in the sales and marketing industry WAG Founder, Wendy Harris, has teamed up with four trusted Sales Trainers, Iain Swanston, Susie Mathieson, Niraj Kapur and Janet Efere.


History of How We Became The Power Team You Need

We each knew one another through our own networks and mutual connections. Wendy has interviewed Niraj on her podcast. Susie introduced Iain to Janet and Wendy. Those trusted relationships came into play when an enquiry landed to help a team of 150 call centre agents retrain and deliver a new product and service under a brand refresh.


The project ran for 6 weeks with an additional two weeks for more in-depth support. The goal was identified as listening to agents’ conversations with customers and work with the agents to improve their approach and conversion rate.


Each of the Team brought with them a skill set that complimented the rest.


Iain was the ultimate project manager liaising with the Client and deploying the team.


Janet brings her enthusiasm to be helpful as the focus for agents to be able to convert more customers simply because it was the best option.


Niraj shared the tactics major corporations use and implemented self-care for agents to ensure breaks were taken and targets were reframed as achievable.


Susie is the queen of process. Using structured crib sheets that were easy to follow, we and the agents benefitted from following a simplified stepped approach putting the customer first.


Wendy saw that the calls were not flowing naturally for the agent as it was loaded with jargon at the top of the call. A subtle shift in presenting opened more conversations whilst maintaining compliance.


With each and every team member sharing their findings and experiences in the weekly round up, we were able to adopt each other’s tactics and create an across the board approach.

Following this process we coached and encouraged the agents, saw them go through the traffic light scoring, from red to amber, and succeed on green to meet the Clients expectations.

This wealth of skills and experience lead to a conversation between us all because we identified we want to be able to continue working together but most importantly of all, be able to help clients transform their sales processes from top to bottom.

Meet the Team

Let’s introduce them:


Meet The Team member you need for LinkedIn

Niraj Kapur – Everybody Works In Sales – Specialty: LinkedIn


  • A little about Niraj:

After 23 years in London running sales teams from The Guardian Newspaper Group to FTSE 100 businesses, Niraj wanted to raise the standards of sales, so he wrote Everybody Works in Sales which became an international bestseller.

He’s delivered LinkedIn Training and Sales Coaching to over 350 companies including: Barclays. NatWest, Sainsbury’s and Google. Skills people have benefitted from are: prospecting, roleplays, mentoring, LinkedIn training, LinkedIn content writing, profile optimisation, overcoming objections, email writing, sales language, listening skills and presentation skills.

In May 2021, Niraj was announced as a Top 16 Sales Influencer in the World to Follow by Salesforce and again in May 2022.

In November 2021, he was announced as a Top 10 LinkedIn Voice in Sales To Follow by LinkedIn.

In his free time, Niraj plays drums in a rock band, raises money for charities like Movember and serves as an ambassador for Milton Keynes Hospital Cancer Unit.


His Motto is: The more you learn, the more you earn


Key Specialty: How to generate sales on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has 810 million users, yet most people don’t have an optimised profile or understand how to engage with customers. Even fewer understand how to leverage LinkedIn for incoming enquiries. There’s no automation, no software needed. LinkedIn Top Voice in Sales of 2021 Niraj Kapur will show you how to do this and leave with action points to implement.

Check Niraj’s LinkedIn Profile

Niraj Kapur Meet The Team


Meet The Team member you need for Sales Processes

Susie Mathieson – The Small Stuff – Specialty: Sales Processes


  • A little about Susie: 


Susie supports people in sales and enables their development. Selling is not just a business. She knows that from her own professional experience. Susie wants to make this job easier for salespeople, focusing on making them more successful with less effort.


Her Motto is: small changes make a BIG difference


Key Specialty: Susie has a natural ability to be able to spot small ways to make big improvements. Usually through the technology you have and improving the way you simplify your sales

Check Susie’s LinkedIn profile

Susie Mathieson Meet The Team


Meet The Team member you need for Sales Management Training

Iain Swanston – Klozers – Specialty: Sales Management Training


  • A little about Iain:


Iain has over 150 articles published online covering Sales Strategy, Leadership, Management, Process, Channels, Social Selling, Business Development, Account Management, Negotiation Skills. and Consultative Selling skills. His TEDx talk in 2014 talks about Trust and has him literally walking his talk over hot coals. 

Sales can be frustrating and demoralising when you are not getting results that match your ambitions and desire. Sales Training isn’t just about stretching and growing, it’s about learning new skills that make life easier, discovering shortcuts, hacks and ways to get ahead faster than we could on our own.

Courses and skills Iain loves to deliver include: Sales Foundations, Telesales Training, B2B Lead Generation, Sales Management Training, Consultative Selling Skills, Key Account Management, Enterprise Sales Training. Exec Sales Coaching, Sales Performance Coaching


His Motto is: Don’t Deliver Sales Training, Deliver Results


Key Specialty: Iain is a born facilitator, identifying the landscape within management and seeing the areas of strength and way forward for empowering improvement through coaching. Understanding no two businesses are the same yet able to harness similar tactics to achieve clients ambitions makes Iain a trusted advisor

Check Iain’s LinkedIn profile

Iain Swanston Meet The Team


Meet The Team member you need for Start Up Sales Training

Janet Efere – Tadpole Training – Specialty: Small Business Start Ups

  • A little about Janet:


Start-ups and new sales people in Janet’s thing. Mindset of sales. 3 reasons people are scared of sales. Ancestors/prehistoric, bad reputation and tortoise. What words come to mind when you get contacted by a call centre? What is a good buying experience? What motivates people to buy? Challenge their own beliefs. Listening. The benefits of being an introvert over an extrovert.


Her Motto is: Often, all it takes is a fresh pair of eyes to sort out your challenges and transform your sales


Key Specialty: Janet shows business owners where they can tap into the pool of customers that will allow them to concentrate on working on the business instead of always in the business.


Check out Janet’s LinkedIn profile

Janet Efere Meet The Team


Meet The Team member you need for Telemarketing

Wendy Harris – WAG – Specialty: Telemarketing


  • A little about Wendy:


Hopefully this won’t need much explaining, I’ll be the one getting you or your teams picking up the phone. Using the 4R Formula and 30 years working in the B2B arena for OMB to Board level across high ticket, relationship building industries.


Her Motto is: You never know where a conversation will lead


Key Specialty: Telemarketing training which is the qualification process every business needs to fill a pipeline of potential customers. Most people are not comfortable with this area of sales but with the right reframe it’s the best and most effective way to grow your business.

Check out Wendy’s LinkedIn profile

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Meet The Team Wendy Harris

Now you have Met The Team, What Next?

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Remember Wendy’s Motto is: You never know where a conversation will lead!

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