Being organised & setting small tasks helps to reach your goals


Planning when you are going to make time to carry out your business phone calls is key to your ongoing success and enabling you to follow up.

In my training book (more information here) I talk about how to make a start by selecting ten companies you’d love to work with to get more customers.

So, when you think about it you actually need time to plan who you’re going to contact first and then plan how you’re going to carry it out.

Working with 10 at a time should mean an hour at a time. Little and often becomes manageable. In fact, there are often pockets of time that are not very productive that you can turn into your future pipeline by starting those conversations and building relationships with people.

As your activity grows so will the amount of time you will need to be sure that you are always growing the number of people to contact, not to forget follow up with.

Should you not be convinced about making phone calls, let me ask you this…

If you make 10 calls every week to someone new that would mean you’re likely to speak to at least 100 new people a year.

Knowing that every person you are targeting is in the market for what you offer, how many will become a new customer in time?

1 in 10 would be 10 new customers and that the lowest ratio there is.

What is that worth to you by spending an hour a week?

Time planning is a key element to preparing for your own success and just one element of the many that we help our clients with.

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