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When faced with an opportunity to win a mentor session with Steven Bartlett or Dominic Cools-Lartigue, small business owner Wendy Harris jumped at the chance. Wendy runs WAG Associates, based in Yoxall, and is affectionately nicknamed the ‘Conversation Queen’.  

Lloyds Small Business 2021 Competition Winner 


With the headline “If you know a company that has shown resilience and creativity over the pandemic, why not nominate them for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be part of an inspiring conversation?” piquing her interest, it was a perfect chance to share her story.  

With conversations at the heart of everything she does, what better prize than to speak to these incredible business figure heads?  


“Wendy’s resilience and adaptability is inspiring. Her determination makes us excited to see where she takes WAG Associates next.” 


Sponsored by @Lloydsbankbusiness, MD of Business Banking Gareth Oakley, in response to Wendy’s competition entry. 


lloyds small business 2021 winner

It’s a story like many business owners in the UK last year. Wendy was busier than ever, picking up the phone for clients and delivering masterclass workshops for SME’s regionally. On the verge of hitting her best financial quarter yet, the pandemic hit. Overnight her business halted to zero.  


Making Conversations Count


With no return to normality in sight, Wendy was inspired to spend her time creating resources that could help as many businesses as possible. Motivated by the encouragement and recommendations from clients, the book “Making Conversations Count – How to sell over the phone” was released.  

Using the material from her 30+ year career it became a best seller the same day and continues to help people now. It forms a workbook to support start-ups and entrepreneurs who need a good business foundation. Running through essential skills such as starting a telephone campaign, keeping track of the conversations, and feeling confident in representing themselves without feeling salesy. The book has received 5 Star reviews on Amazon.  

Continuing the theme of conversations, Wendy launched a podcast in lockdown that invited experts in their field to share how important conversations have been for success in their career. This element is to encourage sharing knowledge and expertise. Plus, we have all had that one discussion we can pinpoint that changed the direction of our lives. This is where the show becomes magic. Wendy prohibits the guest from sharing this before they record to allow an authenticity that cannot be replicated from set questions. Wendy’s interviewing style is intelligent, natural, and humorous. The show has a global following and is regularly in the entrepreneur charts.  

Not only did Wendy start a new podcast show and write a book, but she also focussed on other areas of her business development. Spending time and energy on rebranding, case studies and social media became the underpins of rebuilding the business. Reinvesting every penny to build a supportive and sharing community was the highest priority. Wendy even drafted in her eldest daughter from furlough to help, initially for a few hours in July 2020. Meghan is still working with her Mum over a year later and has enjoyed the work so much it spurred her on to swap careers to be a freelance copywriter. 

Adopting the hashtag herself, #DiaryOfAConversationQueen was inspiration following Steven Bartlett, host of the podcast Diary of A CEO, so Wendy was very excited to be matched with Steven to ask a few questions to adopt in her own business. 

Excited for the next step, Wendy will take Steven’s advice on board to grow her business and continue to help others.  


About Wendy Harris, owner of WAG Associates

Wendy Harris, WAG Associates has been running her telemarketing consultancy since 2005. An Online course done with you is in development for launch 2022 and there’s even a notion of creating a business/family holiday retreat when time allows (as all business owners suffer from FOMO when on holiday!)  

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