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Let’s back the small firms who mean business

To help Britain’s small-business owners get match fit for a brighter future, beyond the pandemic, Lloyds Bank and The Sun offered the chance to win online mentoring sessions with two of the country’s smartest entrepreneurs.

Wendy was one of the winners – read the featured article about the small business winners here. 

Staffordshire Live: One-woman Burton firm to get mentoring from BBC’s Dragons’ Den star

 feature due to the small business award

Wendy Harris from WAG Associates has also landed a national business award and has one important bit of advice for people…

Read the full article on being resilient in business here. 


My Worst Investment Ever

In Episode 408, Wendy shares how she accidentally fell into starting her third business after a bad investment into franchising.

More info: My Worst Investment Ever Website 

my worst investment ever podcast

Marketing for Introverts

Wendy was asked to be the guest host for Jenny Procter’s 25-year anniversary episode of Marketing for Introverts, where Jenny became the interviewee rather than the usual interviewer.

More info: Marketing for Introverts Website

marketing for introverts podcast

The Sales Dojo Podcast

‘This is a real treat of an episode with Wendy Harris from WAG. Wendy is a passionate communicator helping sales teams make the best first impression in the Real World through telemarketing training.’

More info:

Laughter Live with Pete Cann


Podcast Guest on The Marketing Magpie, with Russ Powell

Wendy features on Episode 7 – Sales Trainer Wendy Harris

Russ Powell hosts the show, to find out more click here – The Marketing Magpie

Founders 365 with Steven Haggerty


Founder365 is hosted by business coach Steven Haggerty and shares 365 insights from 365 founders during 2020.

Wendy guest speaker on Mastermind Growth Podcast with John Cassidy-Rice

Wendy was invited on to this podcast that shares the wisdom and insights of business owners. John is a business advocate and also works for the federation of small businesses.

Podcast Guest Speaker – Nicoleta Porojanu ‘Mental Health Wellbeing’

Wendy was invited as the guest speaker on the topic “Here’s the Mental Health First Aid training benefits” to Nicoleta’s podcast to discuss why Mental Health Awareness is so important to any business.
​Take a listen below, and find out more on Nicoleta’s website here.

Founder365 is hosted by business coach Steven Haggerty and shares 365 insights from 365 founders during 2020.

​Waze of the Working Mind Series with Gary Outrageous


Jonathan Pollinger of the #SocialMediaShow


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AXA Insurance

2019 began with one phone call that changed the course of the year!
Being selected to represent AXA insurance has been a huge privilege.
Wendy wrote two articles that were featured on the AXA website and the links are here for you to read:

Wendy Harris


Connecting with Nousheen Mukhtar on LinkedIn led to an interview about why conversation is the key to any business.
Wendy talks about WAG, her 2nd venture with Colette Bratton, Domino Effect Workshops and her passion for getting ​people to take the conversation offline.