And by this I am not talking about Google, SEO, websites or social media!

Well, technically, I may be touching on social media a little…

Clients will see you show up on social media through the content you produce, the way you express yourself, the language you use and tone inflected.

Do people read your posts and see who you are? Do they see how you can help? OR Do people read your posts and think it’s all about you?

Talking to Nat Schooler in a recent conversation we recorded for my podcast got me thinking about this on a deeper level.


Finding your voice


One of the biggest compliments I’ve ever received and had repeated from different people is that I am the same in person (or over zoom these days!) as my online personality. I had succeeded in finding my voice through my content and engagement online!

And that’s what Nat was talking about too. You can listen here to the podcast episode – Making conversations about influencing & entrepreneurship count! 

I am who I am, wherever I am, whatever the platform.  I really don’t stick to any kind of protocol.  LinkedIn is the business platform, but still I think people need to know who you are and I think that’s where what you are putting out there, in terms of conversational content, is what attracts people, and that’s the influence that you can have over people.

– Wendy Harris, Making Conversations Count Episode 2 with Nat Schooler

People who know us should recognize our voice online as authentic. People who don’t know us will get to know us as we are in our truth.

This is what we, perhaps, overlook as the first stage in building relationships online. There’s no need to create a sales advert. There’s no reason people will want to hear all about you. There’s no need to rush getting to know anyone.

Reach out if you’d like to talk more about how I can help you find your voice online and take it one step further into the real world.

I host 121 Training Sessions that can help you find your voice. 


Humans buy from other humans 

A hugely important element in all the training that we deliver is that people buy from other people. If they like, know and trust you, they will be more inclined to make the sale with you. 

Make sure this approach is taken across all platforms, as creating a human connection is so valuable. 


If you need help in how to connect with people over the phone, we offer specialist telephone training for individuals, and also how to sell over the phone for teams


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