A statement like: “Oh, you’re the lady that can get me more sales!” might seem fantastic however it’s not a true reflection of what we do…

Hearing “oh, you’re the lady that can help ME get more sales!” is more accurate.

A telemarketer sits after the strategy is thought about and before the sale is closed. That means it’s not a fit for everyone. Some sales are a very quick decision and our role is to nurture the longer life relationships.

Our clients close the sales lined up for them because it’s their business and they have the ability to meet customers needs. Our key responsibilities are to find the decision maker and begin the engagement process, qualify where they are on their journey and position a return to task when the timing is right.

It’s like the tortoise and the hare story. We’re the tortoise that takes time to reach the finish line. This cartoon maze made us smile because the energy of the hare is in fact harnessed by the pure volume of contact needed to for a breakthrough.

​Which one are you? Do you need more tortoise in your sales journey? Happy to talk. Or you can just do the maze!
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