Free lead generation will always cost you money in the end


This blog about free lead generation is inspired by Christopher Wright. He shares daily entertaining vlogs and this one in particular made me chuckle and react with the comment “I want to steal this” to which he very generously replied “Be my guest”.


So I have permission to share this original content to prove my own point about free lead generation.


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Task Page sits at the top of the productivity stack. Project management tools plan out projects. And a to do list falls out into your task management tools. Then what? You use email, slack, whatsapp, phone calls, to do list tools, scraps of paper, fax, teletext, smoke signals and homing pigeons to find everything you need from the client and collaborate with your team. Task Page is where you get all of this done, without the constant ringing notifications, the switching, planning and searching. Task Page is your calm space for efficient, effective work.


Watch the vlog in question to witness the inspiration for my own free lead generation blog.

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More on why free lead generation isn’t always free…


What’s not free. Your time. Your effort.


My own research into free lead generation by hitting Google.


Top results were from the big players, with big teams like Hubspot  This one caught my eye in particular because it was titled “Tactics to increase your sales without cold calling”

The outline of the 7 tactics are as follows:

  1. Networking online, over email, and on social media
  2. Public Speaking
  3. Writing for publications that your ideal customers read.
  4. Check again with people who have said no in the past
  5. Offer incentives to customers for referrals
  6. Ask for referrals for people who say no
  7. Use proactive customer service

All tried and tested methods of increasing your free lead generation but in there are still conversations that I would argue have gone cold or would give you that awkward feeling about reaching out because they said no before.

Then you have 27 ways to fill your sales funnel which highlighted lots of tactics but I worry this would lead to yet another rabbit hole of research, discovery and time drain only to find out you’ll likely need to upgrade and pay for it anyway.

Software tools can be very helpful supporting you when you’re generating leads. This useful list had some I use, some I’ve heard of and others I wasn’t sure I had the few hours needed to investigate no matter how good it sounded. That’s why it’s always best to be shown how it works from a proven source, to save you time and effort which all costs money.

Don’t get me started on the free lead generation courses online! Fresh-faced ‘peeps’ who don’t look old enough to have the experience let allow expertise other than regurgitating material they’ve been stuffed with…Ironic, I felt old and empowered all at the same time.

That’s why I designed my training in different ways for learning styles or needs. There’s the Power Up training that gives you an intense quick fix’ that leads into the 12 steps programme working with me to implement the strategies. Or the open group, with me but also 5 other business people eager to learn. Team training in corporate settings can also benefit.

The only parameters you need to be working on is what I call my 4R formula.

The right person, the right time, the right way, and the right results.

Your first impression matters.

Why try to cut corners when you can fast track your business by working with someone who’s been there, bought the t-shirt and can direct you to the winning ways of starting conversations that count. That in my book is money well spent and you’ve bought time back to go do lovely stuff with your loved ones.


Follow-on resources to get you started for ‘not quite’ free lead generation

Grab a copy of my best-selling book “Making Conversations Count: How to sell over the phone”. It’s a great place to start making the right first impression.

Free lead generation resources from me

How ironic! I have a free resources page with free downloads (no email address required) video snippets and guest interviews where I give lots of take away tips.

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