6 Free Downloads

Here’s what you can find inside these free downloads to use as Checklists for your telemarketing activities:

  • Great Ways to Build Rapport

  • Covered in this free download: Create Trust, It’s all about them, Politeness & Courtesy, Personality Types, Two ears one mouth, Questions, Two way street, Relax

  • Great Attributes of a Telemarketer

  • Covered in this free download: Listening skills, Communication, Product Knowledge, Intelligence, Target driven, Self Motivated, Honesty is the Best Policy, Commitment

  • Reasons why a Brief is Important

  • Covered in this free download: The questions, Sound professional, Accuracy, Logical order, Stay in control, Flow, Eliminate mistakes, Proven

  • Reasons why you should use Telemarketing

  • Covered in this free download: Telemarketing is tangible, Target decision makers, Define your target market, Telemarketing is personal, Intelligent data gathering, Instant results, Effective use of time, Cost effective

  • Great things to do before you Pick up the Phone

  • Covered in this free download: Water, Stationary, Leads, Calendar, Product Knowledge, Do not disturb, Know your target, Motivator

  • Mistakes to avoid as a Telemarketer

  • Covered in this free download: Don’t forget rapport, Don’t give up at the 1st objection, Not closing, You’re not listening, Don’t read a script word for word, Don’t be rude, Don’t fail to prepare, Don’t overload the literature


These free downloads are resources to help explain how to sell over the phone by Making Conversations Count.

For more in-depth help with your business requirements with telemarketing, read about our Training Handbook here. It’s been written to give you the right start to approach new business and start conversations. You can make notes in the margins and even run through the interactive exercises to make you focus on the numbers and time you need to spend to achieve your goals.

The Power Up sessions are designed to take the book further. It’s no accident that finding a way to make impactful change is often most successful when you are involved in the process. Wendy takes the time to learn abut you, your business and your aspirations before offering the advice that will be a proven path to make it happen. This is a consultative session with accountability built in. Ultimately you go away and do the work.

Everyone learns at different paces in different ways. Which is why we also have a 12 step programme that breaks down the framework and strategies that will be manageable around running a busy business. 

Our approach to the 12 step programme can be done as a team or as an individual. Open programmes are available for capped groups of six at a time. We find that when people are learning about the same topics they feel supported when they are surrounded by people who are aiming for the same things too.

The Blog page has guest writers submitting articles, they are people who Wendy knows and trusts in business that are in a different marketing field or have a fresh take on how they do lead generation. It is our mission to bring you as much variety of perspective as possible in order to choose the right forms of activity in your business.

Our expert guests on our Podcast show often give us free downloads on a variety of topics you may be interested in. You can find out more on our dedicated Podcast Website

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