Wendy Harris, Owner of WAG Associates, has released a brand-new Podcast titled “Making Conversations Count”. On the first episode, she invited Paula Senior of the YMCA to the show to raise awareness of homelessness and encourage people to take a moment to think of those less fortunate people who have been affected often through no fault of their own.

This podcast was also released in line with a wonderful fundraising effort with the YMCA to help local shelters in their “Sleep out so others don’t have to” event. Wendy spent a night with her youngest daughter of 12 sleeping out in the home office and raised £700 towards the total of £30k (see picture below).

Paula works for the part of the organisation run in the Burton on Trent area, where Wendy has put down roots.

Wendy uses her love and talent for conversation to question why homelessness is still a scary situation that is a reality to many, and what we can do to help reduce this problem across the UK.

This year has seen a huge increase in people sleeping rough, with a pandemic and job losses at an all-time high across the country it is those who already had so little who seem to be affected the most.

In a moment, people can be left with nothing.

Wendy brings up a conversation around a situation she found herself in many years ago, and wishes she had known of the support charities that are out there to help reduce homelessness and give people a safe space to go to. She was pregnant with a 6 year old at the time.

It highlights the importance of charities and organisations across the UK that help combat the homeless issue as no one should have to sleep rough. There are many ways in which someone can be classed as “homeless” and it may not necessarily mean that they are on the street, but this does not mean it is any less of a problem.

Never before have homeless charities needed financial support. With events cancelled and shops closed where vital revenue is made every penny counts. Please take a moment to consider if you are able to help raise money or awareness to this cause.

The YMCA fundraising page can be seen here and donations for this year are still live –



The podcast can be listened to on our web page here or on the link below through your favourite podcast app –


Alys, Wendy’s youngest daughter taking part in the sleepout to raise money for the YMCA.

Our story was also posted to the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce blog page, to read more on their website please click here. We are incredibly proud of our fundraising efforts so thank you to everyone who has donated and has helped spread the word! 

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