Follow up with prospective clients, don’t miss your sales opportunity!


Any contact activity needs to have a smart process in place to keep track and become the nerve centre for critical information. Always follow up with clients to get more sales.

Calendar, callbacks, meetings, and conversational notes all need to be saved and easily accessible wherever you are.

How will you organize your Follow Up contact?


There are many options and applications to help run an office environment that you can mirror on mobile.

We have used many CRM systems on behalf of clients and don’t endorse any platform in particular as they all serve a similar purpose.

The simplest way to get started can be an excel spreadsheet with data stored and clever columns. As your business grows so will your lists. It makes sense to have a solution in place that is user friendly and easy to navigate.


There is one key point to having systems in place for your activities: never miss any follow ups!


Be sure to add notes to jog your memory about the last conversations so you can build a picture of your story so far.

Ensure there is an action in the calendar that you will be ready to follow up at the right time.

Imagine forgetting to make the one call to a potential customer that you had a really good feeling about? Or, missing a renewal date and your competitor has nipped in and stolen the business.

Ultimately, keeping intelligent information is about helping you build the relationships you want so that you are helping customers when the time is right for you to work together.

Timing is often key when it comes to consumer decisions. Don’t let it work against you.

How do you record your intelligence? What tips can you share that have worked for you?

Do you need help setting up a smart process to help you or your team?

We love to problem solve and would recommend you get in touch. 

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