Making Conversations Count


Episode 6

Why we all need to dance with the Devil? Nicky Pattinson – Leading Authority for sales and captivating public speaker

Nicky Pattinson speaks the Truth in all she does! A northern lass who traded on the markets at the beginning of her career, similarly to your host. Now, Nicky has a best-selling book “Email: Don’t Get Deleted” and her own YouTube channel NICKYPTV.

Nicky is entertaining and magnetic in character! Working with the biggest brand names out there, she’s seen, well, pretty much everything.

Nicky is able to quickly connect with an audience and understand what makes them tick, leading to expert advise in sales and inspirational speaking to drive success for your business. Her down-to-earth attitude and sense of humour is captivating. 


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Sit back and listen to Nicky explain why she is grateful she Danced with the Devil…