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Wendy Harris | Queen of Conversation | 

Podcast Host & Author of Making Conversations Count

Topics for guest speaking opportunities at your next event include:

The art of sales conversations

A conversation is generally two people: speaking and listening. But taking action is a key ingredient that is either missed or too scary to take.

Whether you are using cold outreach or answering inbound calls, you will need to be 100% confident answering these questions:

How can you really be yourself?
Do you know why you’re having the conversation?
Are you understanding the situation?
Have you able to agree the next steps?
Where will you keep a record?
Most importantly, don’t fail to Follow Up!

Let’s put yourself in the shoes of your customers expectations…


Client relationships are not just about getting the sale

You have a list of ideal clients who don’t know who you are but you want to work with them.

Do you know what approach you’re going to take?
What will their attitude be, and yours, towards warming them up?
Are there any assumptions you need to address?

Important questions towards building a relationship however we need to be thinking longer term.

Clients will generally fall into three categories:

Yes they will buy
No they won’t buy
Not ready yet

That’s not the end of the story. Are there additional reasons they may buy something else? Will they buy from someone else? Will you be able to get their attention again in the future?

We all focus on winning the client and then the trail goes cold. Let’s talk about keeping the customer in conversation after we’ve taken their money…


Connecting with customers using the telephone

Conversation is by far the quickest way to qualify the personality of our customers.

Let’s get real for a moment. A list is a list. It’s faceless and has no personality.

You’re a business AND a brand. You have a personality.

Who do you really want to work WITH?

Hearing customers attitudes towards your offer will qualify or disqualify them as an ideal customer.

What makes you different? Are you prepared to NOT work with certain personality types?

By putting People first, your business can lead with Passion and the art of Promotion will become oh so simple…