This blog post is brought to you by guest author Victoria Damerell, of Market Location data solutions provider.

Recently, Wendy spoke to Victoria Damerell following a recommendation from a mutual connection. Whilst data is not something that WAG actively supplies there are occasions when data is mentioned at the front end of a campaign and needs to be supported under compliance and GDPR rules.


Data Protection has been around for as long as we can remember and the GDPR law that was introduced added another layer of protection for both parties.


However; as with anything legal that affects the running of a business, there were some ambulance chasers and exploitative marketing. Many business owners fell into the trap of these simply because: could they afford not to?


At WAG we always want to stay abreast of the market place and any areas that can impact on our clients when they are actively marketing their products and services.


This is why we asked Victoria Damerell of MarketLocation to write a guest blog for you. Straight from the horses mouth this piece opens up the advice around where and how you should use your data.


We hope you find the information useful and feel free to contact Victoria should you need any further help: – Please mention you read her guest blog on the WAG website 😊


Can you still use B2B third-party data with confidence?

The answer is yes, you can still use third-party data if the company that you purchase the data from can give you end-to-end UK GDPR assurances on how and where the personal data was collected, processed, and securely transferred to you.

Under PECR legislation, you can even email new Prospects as long as the email is a business email and the end recipient is not a Sole Trader or Partner (referred to as an Individual Subscriber within PECR) and you include an unsubscribe option and suppress received unsubscribed against future sends.


Ensuring your data fits GDPR criteria

What criteria would you need to check?

  • Can the company show you where the data has come from?
  • If they have a Call Centre go and visit to check you’re happy with the personal data collection
  • Check out the Privacy Policy to see that all personal data processing is detailed clearly
  • Ask what the process would be for Subject
    • Access requests/Opt-Outs/Requests for Erasure.
    • What details do you give to email recipients that ask where you obtained their data?
  • How old is the data – how regularly is it updated?
  • Are regular opt-outs removed and how is this communicated to individuals?


About Market Location

At Market Location, we can do all of the above as we are the generator of the data – we have our own Call Centre and a dedicated Compliance Officer to make sure we do everything required to give you peace of mind when licensing our data. We have a permanent Customer Services team to action the rights of individuals such as any queries that you may receive from email recipients.

Alternatively, you can let us do the email broadcasts for you. Highlights below:

  • Experts in email marketing and launched our B2B Email Marketing service back in 2003.
  • Members of the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) and adhere to their Code of Conduct.
  • We warrant our personal data as GDPR compliant.
  • Over 770,000 business email addresses for you to choose from, all senior decision-makers.
  • Our customers include many large companies who use our email database on an ongoing basis because we deliver the consistently positive results they need to justify spending their marketing budget with us.
  • All our UK email addresses are 100% telephone verified to receive third-party communications.
  • Over 80% of our email database is for named contacts.


To get in touch with Market Location, click on this link to visit their website. 

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