Telemarketing Training - 12 step programme

Implement the Building Blocks 12 step programme to create confident conversations that will…

Make Great First Impressions, Start Impactful Conversations & Grow Lasting Relationships By Using The Phone To Grow Your Business

Building Blocks 4R Formula

More Connection | More Conversations | More Clients

What is the Building Blocks programme and why 12 steps?

If you’re not picking up the phone to start conversations, you’ll never reach the dizzying heights you desire.

A world without thoughtful conversation is like sleepwalking through small talk. Give your business a voice that will elevate you as the go to, bringing the best services and solutions to clients that will value you for a lifetime and beyond.


Whether you’re an established business or an up-and-coming Solopreneur, you will need the ability to nurture new clients through conversation.


Together, we will remove sketchy conversations, lay solid foundations and build relationships that last.  Imagine if you worked with your ideal client every day…


Implementing my 4R Formula™ will underpin the conversations you want to have with clients who share your vision to partner with the best. Frame your solution; sell your story; qualify new clients; follow-up enquiries and build your audience – all centred through conversations.


Let us spend time together creating the only blueprint that will continue to regenerate and consolidate; making conversations count. You choose the pace, weekly or bi-weekly – one or two steps at a time.


Ready to start on a journey of quality client conversion – unlocking the door to committed clients using key conversations?


Read on to find out how working with Wendy is planned. Take advantage of her 30+ year career in working with big brands to personalise their conversations…

Clients who enroll on the programme receive: 

A copy of the best selling book ‘Making Conversations Count’ for a head start

A recording of every session

Your own personalised blueprint

Access to Wendy forever


Building Blocks Orientation Call:

Let’s us understand where you are now and together, we will go through how you currently conduct your sales processes. We will develop the purpose and objectives of your calls and implement some immediate changes to enhance your activity before we dive deeper into the Building Blocks of this process.

Here we set out the 4R Formula

Similar to the PowerUp session, there is always a Discovery Call that creates the Foundations of our work together. For Teams wishing to complete the 12 steps, it is usually the Management who set the parameters for their teams to confidently follow the programme. Bespoke Teams training is available and will adapt the Building Blocks programme to suit the needs of the business and individuals.

Building Block One: People

Know your numbers

What’s your Value Proposition?

Who do you help already?


Building Block Two: Planning

Tracking conversations

Where to start your online conversations

Create stories online to generate in person conversations

4R Formula recap


Building Block Three: Process

What to say when

Manage objectives and expectations

Get started

Test & Measure

All of the “Making Conversations Count” telemarketing training requires an exploratory conversation via phone, zoom or face to face where logistically possible.

Our experience tells us that every client has their own set of needs and our programmes are designed to cater for this.

Whether it’s confidence, technique or motivation we can get you back on track and happy talking to your customers again online and in real life.

Choose from one to one, Building Blocks one to one programme, Building Blocks Team programme or Bespoke Telemarketing Training for Teams

No need to take our word this works, head over to see the Recommendations left on Wendy Harris LinkedIn Profile 

*Terms & Conditions – Training is based on time spent with candidates attending. We can accommodate larger numbers in the initial learning session through Webinar and offer 121 follow up sessions for full implementation.
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