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Making Conversations Count Training Handbook

How to sell over the phone

by Wendy Harris

The Making Conversations Count Training Handbook is for people who have a passion for their business that want to connect with new customers on a real human level and transfer that into profit.

This book is aimed at business owners, directors and managers who normally find it hard to allocate the time to dedicate themselves to putting plans in place. Whilst reading this book, you will be asked challenging questions about your business and set clear goals for where you want to be. It is also an interactive workbook that you can complete in your own time, at your pace, so no more excuses!

We will show you how making calls will enable your company to succeed, and explain how to make changes to implement this successfully to your business model. We guarantee you will receive a return of investment if you follow our guidelines to the letter.

About the Author

Wendy Harris has gained 30+ years’ experience in corporate team environments and has ran her business since 2005.

Wendy’s resilient nature has allowed her to successfully trade against all odds. The connections she has made have been the key ingredient, coupled with her natural love for training and helping people.


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