The Book Born from Lockdown to Help

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

“Making Conversations Count:

How to Sell over the Phone”

Training Handbook 


Written for Small Business Owners who want to use

the telephone for more sales

Written by Wendy Harris, expert in Telemarketing Training

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The Book, “Making Conversations Count: How to Sell over the Phone” Training Handbook is for people who have a passion for their business that want to connect with new customers on a real human level and transfer that into profit.

This book is aimed at business owners, directors and managers who normally find it hard to allocate the time to dedicate themselves to putting plans in place. Whilst reading this book, you will be asked challenging questions about your business and set clear goals for where you want to be.

It is also an interactive workbook that you can complete in your own time, at your pace, so no more excuses!

We will show you how making calls will enable your company to succeed, and explain how to make changes to implement this successfully to your business model. We guarantee you will receive a return of investment if you follow our guidelines to the letter.

Learn how to sell over the phone with this handbook in Telemarketing Training.

5 star reviews on Amazon 

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 27 March 2021

Just finished your book Wendy. It was really focussing and got me thinking more about my total lack of marketing. I’ve definitely got to start setting aside time for it and actually doing it. I’ve often found marketing a bit deflating and avoided it for that reason. The way you explain this and help to manage the expectation without taking it as a hit to confidence was very helpful. Lots of gems of wisdom to digest. The kind of book you can re read every now and again to clarify goals.

The Book – About the Author

Wendy Harris has gained 30+ years’ experience in corporate team environments and has run her business since 2005.

Wendy’s resilient nature has allowed her to successfully trade against all odds. The connections she has made have been the key ingredient, coupled with her natural love for training and helping people.

This book was written to provide telephone training experience to people in an accessible way. You can pick this book up and come back to it whenever suits you.

Wendy offers Team Training for Telemarketing Campaigns, and 121 Advice on How to Sell Over the Phone in personalized training programmes.

If you want to learn how to sell over the phone in your own time and gain expert telemarketing training, look no further…

Stop making excuses, and start making conversations count!


KINDLE £9.99 | PAPERBACK £12.97

I received my copy of Making Conversation Count and I read it that day!

It’s geared for B2B conversations and relationship building, however, despite being B2C, it’s still made me think about how I structure my calls.

There are some great insights into identifying what I’m trying to achieve on a monthly basis for a telemarketing campaign.

Mr S. Milner

Easy way to learn great marketing techniques.

Fantastic book for people who are not formally trained in marketing.

Easy to read, understand and implement some of the tips to help you gain confidence when looking to increase your sales.

Mr M. Pointon

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