Since March 2020, everyone has had to adapt their ways of working through the global pandemic that is COVID-19. This is a situation so unusual and unexpected that no-one was prepared for, and it feels as if our whole world has been flipped to become “socially-distanced”, a term that before this pandemic nobody would have took any notice of.

Overnight, clients paused our campaigns and work dried up within an instant for fear of the complete unknown that lay ahead. At WAG, we immediately knew we would have to change the way we work and it was now time to show resilience and flexibility to adapt our methods in order to keep the cogs turning.

A time for reflection, and new plans. We pirouetted, which was not pretty but with practice we cracked it and pivoted.


The New Normal

No longer could we plan to deliver in-house training for groups of 6 people. Human contact was reduced to your household or family members only, unless you are considered a key worker. So how can we keep your business running through these new challenges and also deliver expert telemarketing training to our customers?

Online video calls.

You have all been a part of them, right?

Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp – whatever the platform, it’s a great way to stay connected with friends, family, employees and business contacts.

Evidently this will be a part of our lives for some time, and although face-to-face may be favoured, moving courses and training online eliminates any potential risk to the health of ourselves and those who we love, so it’s a no-brainer.

Now is a better time than ever to learn how to get your team effectively communicating through telemarketing, as it’s incredibly accessible to pick up the phone working from a covid-secure office environment or working remotely from home. These calls give our personalities a chance to shine for keeping up with existing clients and building new relationships in this remote world we now face.

WAG now offers all of our training programmes online via Zoom, available in individual or group sessions.

To find out more visit our training page or contact us here.



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