100th Episode

The 100th episode celebration of the Making Conversation Count podcast!!

I never thought we’d be here celebrating the 100th episode of the podcast two years on yet here we are!

In the 100th episode you’ll hear the three things that make a business successful – it’s an hour long masterclass

There’s been 99 guest conversations on the podcast show and we’ve taken a look back to see the recurring themes and most popular topics to filter out the very best bits for you.

It will come as no surprise that the three pillars of popular content come in the form of:

  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Sales

These three things seriously underpin the success of starting, running and scaling a successful business.


To give you a quick hit of what you’ll hear:

  • How to get through a lifetime’s worth of business knowledge in just a year
  • How to get someone to hand hold you while you trade
  • Using collaboration to make more profits
  • How to work on your business not in it
  • How you can leverage networking for finding customers
  • How to do great marketing on a terrible or non existent budget
  • How to make your website stand out in a crowded market place
  • The content you should be putting on that website
  • The kinds of connections you need to be making to get people to want to come to your website
  • How to get them wanting to buy your highest value offerings


You’ll notice that there’s a huge repeat as we seriously lean into asking guests ‘How to’ do stuff. 

Have you enjoyed listening to the show? Great! We’d love for you to leave us a Review for others to see and be encouraged to listen too. Here’s the link to leave your comments of encouragement https://reviewthispodcast.com/Making-Conversations-Count

I’ll not give away what we’re covering in the episode, ‘cos I want you to listen, but I will give you a clue by sharing the contact details for our Special Guests websites for you to Carry on The Conversation with them.



Brad Sugars https://bradsugars.com/

David Holland https://resultsrulesok.com/

Dave Plunkett https://www.collaborationjunkie.com/

Nick Cramp https://www.nickcramp.com/



Joe Puluzzi https://www.joepulizzi.com/

Marcus Sheridan https://marcussheridan.com/

Al Tepper https://www.tepfu.com/

Dr Ivan Misner https://ivanmisner.com/



Catherine Brown https://extraboldsales.com/

Brynne Tillman https://social-sales-link.mykajabi.com/ssl-content-library

Ian Genius https://www.iangenius.co.uk/

Nicky Pattinson https://nickypattinson.com/


Special Mentions

As a direct result of the conversations with these three guests I reassessed my own strategy, taking action or changing tack. That’s priceless.

Tom Libelt https://smartbrandmarketing.com/tom-libelt/

Simon Banks https://www.getvideoright.com/

Michael Buzinski https://buzzworthy.biz/

Special Thanks

For two years I have lived and breathed the podcast show, in fact, some would say it’s all I’ve talked about! To be truthful it is because the conversations are impactful to me in my own business and they are fun. It’s much easier to talk about the show than it is to ask people how they’re getting on picking up the phone or connecting with new clients, right?

It’s time to say thank you to everyone, nearest and dearest included, who have put up with me (hopefully not boring them) wamping on about this and that.

Special thanks go to these Three Champions:

Neal Veglio, the show’s producer who in the main has to listen to my latest ideas, has been a constant support and helped the show become the award nominated entity it is today.

Meghan Downs, my eldest who has helped me get the website for the Show up and running, created content and helped on the booking side early on. So proud of the pivot you’ve had in your career and to have been part of it.

Jenny Procter, my responsible adult who always accompanies me to podcast events, we had a blast in London for the BPA’s and you’re unwavering ear. You’re a true Champion!


Please let us know what you want to hear about next

There’s already a long line of guests waiting to Make their conversation count but we always want to be talking about what you want to hear so do drop me a line on wendy@wagassociates.com



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