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We’re so glad you found us. We are now located in Ayr, Scotland but that’s not all that has changed.

Traditional telemarketing training blended with an intuitive approach towards lead generation, customer service and account management.

Are you an Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner or in Sales Management?

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There’s lots of FREE resources to support you we use in our telemarketing training. You’ll find a short series of video tips, downloadable documents and interviews where we talk all things telemarketing.

For the cost of a coffee you can grab the best selling book to get you started or take a look at the private one to one Power Up sessions. Team training has its own page too.

Use the contact us page for your preferred way to start a conversation and find much more on our dedicated website for ‘Making Conversations Count’


Do you want help to …?

The Results:


Be honest, it would be lovely if you could get more sales…
because that’s what we’re all in business for!


Let more people know who you are, and make sure
that they think you’re awesome! This makes your
sales tasks easier, as they’re already ‘sold’ on you!


If you do it right, building relationships can be really
rewarding, and if you find it fun, you’ll find it easier
and get even better results.

The Course Outline:

Perfect Size of sales team 6 - 12 for the course

Is perfect for

Sales teams or individuals Choose Team Days, Programme or PowerUp

Sales team results more sales


Results, results, results;
more sales

Learn how to turn negatives into positives


Learn how to help turn
negatives into positives.

length of training course

Days, 12 Steps or One Off

Starter or Advanced
You choose what’s right

price of training course

from £300* pp

Tailored to suit your needs, 
we always offer real value!

*based on a minimum of 6 people – open workshops or team specific

WAG website man representing client feedback

and provides

​White Crow 

WAG website man representing client feedback

‘With WAG
we’ve gone
strength to


WAG website man representing client feedback

and easy
to digest.’

The Careers &
Enterprise Company


that we’ll cover (but this is just the short list):

Finding decision makers

Finding decision makers

Who are the right people for you?

Finding decision makers

Database cleansing

Keep the data up to date for the right time

Finding decision makers

Social media

Be found for conversations that count for the right reasons

Telephone etiquette

Telephone etiquette

Exactly what you need to be saying

Conversations that close

Conversations that close

We prefer starting conversations for the right reasons

Pick up the phone

and you’re halfway there!

But we understand. Email and Social links below…

Free telephone assessment

15 minutes is usually all the time we need

100% tailored to your needs

Experience and intuition allows a truly flexible approach

From £300* per person

Designed to be affordable for all

Certificate of attendance

Something pretty for your wall in the office

Post training report

Key points to stay on track 

*based on a minimum of 6 people – open workshops or team specific

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